Toto K300 vs S500e: Unveiling the Best Bidet Seat Features

Choosing the ideal bidet seat can be perplexing, with features ranging from heated seats to personalized user settings.

The quandary intensifies when comparing the Toto K300 and S500e, both boasting a constellation of advanced capabilities.

You might resonate with the frustration of balancing luxury with practicality.

Dive into our comparative analysis, where we unravel the best bidet seat features, ensuring your selection not only meets your expectations but enhances your daily comfort.

Discover your perfect match in the ‘Toto K300 vs S500e’ showdown.

Toto K300 Vs Toto S500E Key Features Compared

Automatic Lid Opening

The TOTO S550e features an automatic lid opening and closing function, which is activated by a motion sensor.

As you approach the toilet, the lid automatically opens, and after you’re done using the toilet and walk away, the lid automatically closes.

This feature is not available in the TOTO K300.

Pre-watering Bowl

The TOTO S550e and K300 both have a pre-misting feature that sprays a fine mist of water on the toilet bowl surface before each use.

This helps prevent waste from sticking to the bowl and makes cleaning easier.

However, the S550e uses eWater+ technology, which is electrolyzed water with sanitizing properties, while the K300 uses regular water for pre-misting.

User Presets

The TOTO S550e offers 2 user presets, allowing two users to save their preferred settings for seat temperature, water temperature, water spray pressure, and nozzle position.

The TOTO K300 does not have user presets, so each user will have to manually adjust the settings to their preference.

Temperature Settings

Both the TOTO S550e and K300 offer adjustable temperature settings for the water spray and heated seat.

Users can choose between different temperature levels to find the most comfortable setting for them.

Design and Color Options

The TOTO S550e is available in two lid design options: Classic and Contemporary.

It comes in two colors: Cotton White and Sedona Beige.

The TOTO K300 has a unibody design that covers the entire upper panel and is available in Cotton White and Sedona Beige.


The Toto S550e comes equipped with a nightlight feature, which is a significant advantage for those late-night bathroom visits.

This feature illuminates the toilet, eliminating the need to turn on the main light and potentially disrupt your sleep.

This feature is particularly useful for those who frequently use the bathroom at night, as it provides a soft light that is less likely to disturb your sleep cycle.

Unfortunately, the Toto K300 does not include this feature, which may be a drawback for some users.

Spray Modes

When it comes to spray modes, the Toto S550e outperforms the K300.

The S550e offers more spray modes, including a ‘hard spray’ function that improves the spray pressure over previous generations.

This feature is particularly beneficial for ensuring a thorough and comfortable cleanse.

On the other hand, the K300 does not have an extra-soft front mode or a wide front feature for softer feminine cleansing, which are available in the S550e.

However, the K300 does offer a rear wash, front wash, and rear front wash, with the option to select the oscillating wash functions for a larger cleaning surface area.

Air Deodorizer

Both the Toto S550e and K300 come equipped with an air deodorizer feature.

This feature helps to maintain a fresh and clean-smelling bathroom environment after use.

The K300’s air deodorizer has been praised for its excellent performance.

No specific details about the S550e’s air deodorizer performance were found in the search results, but given Toto’s reputation for quality, it’s reasonable to assume it performs well.

Powerful Dryer

Both models also feature a warm air dryer with adjustable temperature settings, providing a comfortable and efficient drying experience after use.

This feature reduces the need for toilet paper, making these models more environmentally friendly and potentially more cost-effective in the long run.

Remote Controls

The Toto S550e and K300 both come with remote controls for easy operation.

The S550e’s remote control is sleek and uses touch-sensitive buttons, while the K300’s remote control features illuminated buttons for easy use in low-light conditions.

The S550e’s remote control also offers the ability to remember user settings, providing a more personalized experience.

The K300 also offers two user settings, allowing for personalized comfort for multiple users.

Tankless Heating

The TOTO K300 and S500e both feature tankless heating systems, which are highly energy-efficient as they only use energy when the bidet is in use.

This system provides unlimited warm water, enhancing the comfort of the user.

The K300 is particularly noted for its energy efficiency, making it one of the most energy-efficient bidets on the market.

Heated Seat

Both the TOTO K300 and S500e offer heated seats, a feature that adds to the comfort of the user.

The temperature of the heated seat can be adjusted according to the user’s preference, providing a personalized experience.

Self-cleaning Wands

The TOTO K300 and S500e both have self-cleaning wands, which clean themselves before and after each use.

This feature ensures the hygiene of the bidet and provides a more sanitary experience for the user.

The K300 has an additional feature, the EWATER+ system, which uses electrolyzed water to clean the wand.

Adjustable Temperature and Pressure

Both the TOTO K300 and S500e offer adjustable water temperature and pressure.

The S500e has five different temperature settings, providing a wider range of options for the user.

The K300, on the other hand, offers three temperature settings, ranging from 95° F to 104° F. The pressure of the water can also be adjusted, allowing the user to customize the intensity of the cleanse.


The EWATER+ feature is a unique system used by TOTO to clean the wand and the bowl of the bidet.

This system uses electrolyzed water, a proven disinfectant, to clean the bidet after each use.

The TOTO K300 has the EWATER+ feature, which not only cleans the wand but also sprays the bowl with electrolyzed water after each use.

However, the S500e does not have the EWATER+ feature.

Wide Front Feature

The Toto K300 does not have a wide front feature.

This feature, which provides a softer, wider area for feminine cleansing, is available in the S500e model.

This could be a significant consideration for those who prioritize this feature for comfort and hygiene.

Slim Design

Both the Toto K300 and S500e models are praised for their slim designs.

The K300 model is described as having an “”ecology-minded luxury in a slim design””. It’s also noted that the K300 has a sleeker design compared to some other models, making it a more attractive option for those who value aesthetics in their bathroom fixtures.

The S500e, on the other hand, is not specifically mentioned in the search results as having a slim design, but it’s known for its compact and slim design.

Energy Efficiency

The Toto K300 features an instant water heating system for continuous warm water and energy saving.

This system ensures that the bidet only heats the water when it’s needed, reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

The S500e model also has an energy-saving auto-off feature, which turns off the bidet when it’s not in use, further enhancing its energy efficiency.

Aerated, Warm Water, Dual Action Spray

Both the Toto K300 and S500e models offer an aerated, warm water, dual action spray.

This feature provides a gentle and effective cleansing experience.

The K300 model also includes an oscillating feature, which moves the spray back and forth for a more thorough cleanse.

The S500e model is not specifically mentioned as having an oscillating feature in the search results, but it’s a common feature in Toto’s high-end models.

Oscillating Feature

The oscillating feature, which moves the spray back and forth for a more thorough cleanse, is present in the Toto K300 model.

This feature enhances the effectiveness of the cleansing process.

The S500e model is not specifically mentioned as having an oscillating feature in the search results, but it’s a common feature in Toto’s high-end models.

Instant Water Heating System

When it comes to the instant water heating system, both the TOTO K300 and S500e are equipped with this feature.

This system ensures a continuous supply of warm water, which is a significant advantage for users who value comfort and convenience.

The K300 and S500e models both offer adjustable water temperature and volume, allowing users to customize their experience to their personal preferences.

However, some users have reported inconsistencies with the S500e’s water temperature, noting that it can fluctuate between warm and lukewarm during use.

Warm Air Drying

Both the TOTO K300 and S500e models feature a warm air dryer, which can greatly reduce or even eliminate the need for toilet paper.

This feature is not only eco-friendly but also adds to the overall comfort of the user.

The S500e and K300 models offer different temperature settings for the warm air dryer.

The S500e provides five different temperature settings, while the K300 offers three.

This means that the S500e offers a bit more flexibility in this area, which could be a deciding factor for users who value having a range of options for their comfort.

Docking Station

The TOTO K300 comes with a docking station that is easy to install and clean.

This feature enhances the overall user experience by making the maintenance of the bidet seat more straightforward.

Unfortunately, the search results do not provide specific information about a docking station for the S500e model.

Water PREMIST® of Bowl

The Water PREMIST® feature is present in both the TOTO K300 and S500e models.

This feature sprays a mist of water into the bowl before each use, which helps to keep the toilet clean by preventing waste from adhering to the bowl.

Some users have reported that the S500e’s premist feature can be triggered by simply walking into the room, which could be seen as a drawback if the bathroom is small or frequently used.

However, this feature can be turned off if it becomes inconvenient.

PROs and CONs

Toto K300


  1. Slim and modern design
  2. Tankless water heating system
  3. Heated seat
  4. Self-cleaning nozzle
  5. Premisting system before each use
  6. Dual-sided remote control
  7. Ability to save two user presets
  8. Adjustable water temperature and volume
  9. Easy to install
  10. Well-directed spray for effective cleaning


  1. Absence of TOTO’s E-Water-Plus system
  2. No motorized seat and lid
  3. No LED nightlight
  4. Requires a 110-volt electrical outlet within 3 feet
  5. Some users question its durability

Toto S500e


  1. High-tech electronic bidet seat.
  2. Equipped with electrolyzed water technology.
  3. Offers both feminine and posterior wash functions.
  4. Adjustable water and seat temperatures.
  5. Built-in air deodorizing system.
  6. Warm-air dryer feature.
  7. Easy-to-read illuminated remote control.
  8. Compact and slim design.
  9. Two design options: contemporary and classic.
  10. Provides instantaneous water heating.


  1. Only available in elongated size.
  2. Does not have a sittable lid.
  3. Does not offer enema wash.
  4. Remote control can be hard to use.
  5. E-water spray actuates when you approach 5 feet or less to the toilet.

Comparison Table

Key SpecificationsTOTO K300TOTO S500e
High-tech electronic bidet seatYesYes
EWATER+® on wand and bowlYesYes
Number of spray settings55
Built-in air deodorizing systemYesYes
PREMIST® on bowl before each useYesYes
Adjustable water and seat temperaturesYesYes
Warm-air dryerYesYes
Remote controlYes (Wireless with illuminated buttons)Yes (Illuminated)
DesignSlim, elongated seat designCompact and slim design
User personal memory settings22
Self-Cleaning Water WandNoYes
Instantaneous water heatingYesYes
Seat Material TypeNot specifiedPolypropylene
Installation TypeNot specifiedFloor Mounted
Item WeightNot specified1 pound
Product DimensionsNot specified20.94 x 15.06 x 4.81 inches
BatteriesNot specified2 AA batteries required (included)
PriceNot specified$1,099.99

Final Say So!

The Toto K300 and S500e are both high-quality bidet toilet seats, each with their own unique features and price points.

The K300, a more budget-friendly option, offers continuous warm water, a heated seat, and a self-cleaning nozzle.

It’s a solid choice for those seeking comfort and functionality without breaking the bank.

However, it may not be the best fit for those with hard water, as its durability in such conditions is questioned.

On the other hand, the S500e is a premium model that boasts additional features such as a nightlight, automatic opening and closing lid, and more spray modes.

It’s a great fit for those who value luxury and advanced features in their bathroom experience.

However, these extra features come at a higher cost, which may not be suitable for budget-conscious consumers.

In terms of design, the K300 has a slimmer and lower profile compared to older models, making it a more modern choice.

The S500e, however, offers two lid styles – contemporary and classic – allowing for a more personalized aesthetic.

In conclusion, the K300 is a reliable, cost-effective choice for those seeking basic bidet features and a modern design, while the S500e is ideal for those willing to invest in advanced features and customization options for a luxurious bathroom experience.

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