Hi, I’m Dale Cogburn! I’m passionate about helping people get the most out of their bidets.

I’m an expert on all things related to bidets, from installation and maintenance to product reviews.

I’ve been using and researching bidets for over 10 years now, which has been immensely helpful in my role here.

I take great pride in ensuring our readers have access to comprehensive, easy-to-understand information on bidets.

Dale Cogburn

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and exploring new cultures through travel. My mission is to help others find the right bidet to enhance their lives and make bathroom routines a little more enjoyable.

I had always been intrigued by hygiene and cleanliness. As a child, I was always the first one to get out of the bath and lavish myself in soap and fresh water. But it wasn’t until college that I stumbled upon something that would change my life forever: bidets.

At first, I was fascinated with all the intricate details of these strange bathroom gadgets. I read every book, watched every video, and spoke to every expert I could find to learn more about them. Before long, I became a self-proclaimed expert on bidets, and soon after that, I decided to start a blog about them.

For years, I researched and wrote about bidets from all corners of the globe, from household models to vintage antiques. I attended conventions and interviewed manufacturers and customers alike.

Over time, my blog grew in popularity, and I began to receive requests from other websites asking me to write for them.

Now this blog has become the go-to source for all things bidets, and I am being now considered the foremost authority in the world on this unique form of hygiene technology.

Today, I am still the chief editor of this beloved blog, always ready and willing to share my knowledge and expertise with those curious about the wonderful world of bidets!