Toto K300 vs C5: Decoding the Best Bidet Features

Choosing the ideal bidet can be baffling, with a myriad of features overwhelming you.

The Toto K300 vs C5 debate often leaves buyers anxious about which model offers the best comfort and efficiency.

Understanding this dilemma, we delve into both options, empathizing with your quest for a perfect bathroom experience.

Discover the ultimate solution as we decode the best bidet features, ensuring you make an informed decision that caters to your modern lifestyle and hygiene needs.

Toto K300 Vs Toto C5 Key Features Compared

Slim Design

When it comes to the slim design, both the TOTO K300 and C5 have made strides to offer sleek and modern aesthetics.

The K300, in particular, has been praised for its slim, elongated seat design, which is a significant improvement over the bulkier C series models.

The K300’s design is much more in line with other premium bidet seats on the market, with a height of just 5.25″” at the rear, making it a more visually appealing choice for those who value aesthetics in their bathroom fixtures.

On the other hand, the TOTO C5 also boasts a sleeker, more streamlined design compared to its predecessor, the C200.

It features a 1.5-inch height reduction in the back of the seat, which contributes to its clean, contemporary look.

The C5 also introduces TOTO’s new seamless seat design, which eliminates all grooves and seams, making it easier to clean and maintain.

Energy Savings

In terms of energy efficiency, the TOTO K300 stands out with its instant water heating system.

This system heats water on demand, making it much more energy-efficient compared to traditional tank heaters.

The K300’s tankless water heating system provides an unlimited supply of warm water, ensuring maximum comfort while saving energy.

The TOTO C5, however, uses a basic tank heater, which must draw energy continuously to keep warm water on tap.

While this system ensures warm water is available whenever the bidet is needed, it is less energy-efficient compared to the K300’s instant water heating system.

However, the C5 does incorporate air into the outgoing water and produces a more concentrated water stream, which makes it extra water-efficient.

Warm Water Supply

The warm water supply is a crucial feature for both the TOTO K300 and C5.

The K300’s instant water heating system provides a continuous supply of warm water, ensuring a comfortable experience for the user.

The K300 offers five spray settings for front and rear washing, including an optional oscillating or pulsating stream.

The TOTO C5, on the other hand, has a basic tank-type heater that stores water in a small reservoir.

The reservoir is kept warm so that hot water can be used on-demand anytime the bidet is needed.

However, the C5’s warm water supply lasts for about 30-40 seconds, after which it cools quickly to about room temperature.

Despite this, the C5 still offers four temperature settings, ranging from 95° F (Low) to 104° F (High), providing a range of comfort options for the user.

Heated Seat

When it comes to the heated seat feature, both the Toto K300 and Toto C5 offer this comfort-enhancing feature.

Imagine stepping into your bathroom on a chilly winter morning and being greeted by a warm, inviting seat.

It’s like having your own personal spa right at home.

The heated seat feature in both models can be adjusted to your preferred temperature, ensuring a comfortable experience tailored to your liking.

The Toto K300 allows you to adjust the seat temperature, while the Toto C5 offers a temperature range from 82 to 97 °F (about 28 to 36 °C). This feature is not just about luxury, it’s about providing a comfortable and personalized bathroom experience.

Air Dryer

After the cleansing process, both the Toto K300 and Toto C5 offer a warm air dryer feature.

This feature is designed to provide a gentle and efficient drying experience, reducing the need for toilet paper and contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Toto K300 offers warm air drying with three variable temperature settings, ensuring a comfortable and personalized drying experience.

Similarly, the Toto C5 comes with a warm air dryer that has three temperature settings.

The drying system of the Toto C5 is praised for its powerful air flow while maintaining a comfortable temperature, providing an effective and comfortable drying experience.

User Presets

The user presets feature in both the Toto K300 and Toto C5 is like having your own personal bathroom assistant.

This feature allows you to save your preferred settings for seat temperature, water temperature, and nozzle position, providing a customized bathroom experience at the touch of a button.

The Toto K300 offers two user presets, allowing you to save your preferred settings for a quick and personalized cleanse every time.

Similarly, the Toto C5 comes with two user presets, allowing two users to save their favorite settings.

This feature is particularly useful if you share the bathroom with someone else, as it allows each user to enjoy a customized bathroom experience with just one push of a button.

Temperature Settings

Both the TOTO K300 and TOTO C5 offer adjustable temperature settings for their heated seats and warm water.

The K300 has an instant water heating system that provides continuous warm water, while the C5 has a basic tank-type heater that stores water in a small reservoir and keeps it warm for on-demand use.

The heated seat temperature for both models can be adjusted from 82°F to 97°F (about 28°C to 36°C) . The K300’s warm water temperature can be adjusted from 95°F (Low) to 104°F (High), which is about 35°C to 40°C. The C5’s warm water temperature ranges from 95°F (Low) to 104°F (High), which is also about 35°C to 40°C.

Aerated Water

The TOTO K300 and C5 both feature gentle aerated, warm water, dual-action spray with oscillating features.

This means that the water stream is infused with air, providing a gentle yet effective cleanse.

The aerated water feature is adjustable in both models, allowing users to customize their cleansing experience.

Powerful Dryer

The TOTO K300 and C5 are equipped with warm air dryers that help reduce the need for toilet paper.

The K300’s warm air dryer has three variable temperature settings, providing a comfortable and efficient drying experience.

The C5 also has a warm air dryer with three temperature settings, and it is considered one of the best dryers in its class, blowing powerfully while keeping the air temperature comfortable.

Pre-mist Feature

The Pre-mist feature is available in both the TOTO K300 and TOTO C5.

This function sprays the toilet bowl before each use, helping to keep it clean and prevent waste buildup.

By wetting the surface of the toilet bowl, the Pre-mist feature aids in the removal of waste, resulting in a cleaner bowl.

Wireless Remote

Both the TOTO K300 and TOTO C5 come with a wireless remote control that features an illuminated touchpad for easy use.

The remote control allows users to adjust various settings, such as water temperature, water pressure, and seat temperature.

The K300 remote has two user settings, allowing different users to save their preferred settings.

The C5 remote also has a 2 user memory function to save preferred settings.

Eco Power Saving Modes

The TOTO K300 and TOTO C5 both have eco-friendly features.

The K300 has an instant water heating system that provides continuous warm water while saving energy.

The C5 also has adjustable water temperature and volume settings, allowing users to conserve water and energy.

Both models have a heated seat with temperature control, ensuring comfort while reducing energy consumption.

Water Pressure Settings

The TOTO K300 and TOTO C5 offer adjustable water pressure settings for a customized cleansing experience.

The K300 features a gentle aerated, warm water, dual-action spray with an oscillating feature.

The C5 also provides a gentle aerated, warm water, dual-action spray with oscillating and pulsating features.

Both models allow users to adjust the water temperature and volume for a personalized experience.

Nozzle Adjustment

When it comes to the nozzle adjustment, both the TOTO K300 and C5 offer a high degree of precision.

The K300 provides a “”rifle sight”” for precision targeting, with five settings for each feature, ensuring a personalized and comfortable experience.

Similarly, the C5 allows users to customize their water cleansing settings, including the wand positions.

This means you can adjust the washing position to five different points between the front and the rear, using the up and down buttons.

It’s like having a personal spa therapist who knows exactly where to apply the pressure, only this time, it’s for your most intimate cleansing needs.

EWater+ Cleaning Feature

The EWater+ cleaning feature is where the TOTO C5 shines.

This patented technology automatically cleans the wand inside and out, providing an extra layer of hygiene.

It’s like having a self-cleaning oven, but for your bidet.

On the other hand, the K300 does not have the EWater+ system.

Instead, it offers a self-cleaning nozzle and a premisting system before each use.

It’s like comparing a car with an automatic car wash system built-in (C5) to a car with a manual car wash kit included (K300).

One-Touch Removal

The one-touch removal feature is a convenience that makes cleaning a breeze.

The TOTO K300 has this feature, allowing for easy removal of the unit for thorough cleaning.

It’s like having a detachable dishwasher rack that you can take out, clean, and put back in without any hassle.

Unfortunately, the search results do not provide information on whether the TOTO C5 has a similar feature.

Sittable Lid

The sittable lid is another feature that differentiates these two models.

The TOTO K300 has a single lid design, but the search results do not specify whether it’s sittable.

On the other hand, the TOTO C5 has a sleeker, more streamlined design with a 1.5-inch height reduction in the back of the seat.

However, it’s not clear from the search results whether the lid is sittable.

It’s like comparing two different models of chairs, one with a backrest (C5) and one without (K300), but without knowing if you can actually sit on them.

PROs and CONs

Toto K300


  1. Slim and modern design
  2. Tankless water heating system
  3. Heated seat and warm air dryer
  4. Self-cleaning nozzle and premisting system
  5. Dual-sided remote with user presets
  6. Easy to install
  7. Well-directed spray for effective cleaning
  8. High-quality remote build
  9. Five water pressure settings
  10. Powerful warm air dryer


  1. Absence of TOTO’s E-Water-Plus system
  2. Requires a 110-volt electrical outlet within 3 feet
  3. No motorized seat and lid
  4. No LED nightlight
  5. One-year warranty

Toto C5


  1. High-quality, luxurious experience
  2. Intuitive controls and remote
  3. Heated seat and warm water
  4. Adjustable water temperature
  5. Heated air dryer
  6. Deodorizer feature
  7. Pre-misting option for easy cleaning
  8. Two user preset options
  9. Sleek aesthetics
  10. Easy to install


  1. High cost compared to other models
  2. Limited warm water supply
  3. Bulkier due to tank water heater
  4. Cord may draw attention
  5. No programmable user settings

Comparison Table

Key SpecificationsTOTO K300TOTO C5
Water Heating SystemInstantaneousAdjustable
Spray Settings5 (front and rear)Dual Action (oscillating and pulsating)
Adjustable Water Temperature and VolumeYesYes
Warm Air DryerYes (3 temperature settings)Yes (3 temperature settings)
Heated SeatYesYes
Seat Temperature ControlYesYes
DeodorizerAutomatic air deodorizerAutomatic air deodorizer
Remote ControlSlim wireless remote with illuminated buttonsSlim wireless remote with illuminated touchpad
User Settings2 user settingsNot specified
EWATER+ Wand CleaningYesYes

Final Say So!

The Toto K300 and Toto C5 are both advanced bidet seats, each with its own unique features and benefits.

The K300, known for its slim design, is one of the thinnest bidets on the market, making it a sleek addition to any bathroom.

It offers an endless supply of warm water, a feature that is often appreciated for its comfort and convenience.

However, it lacks a built-in water heater, which might be a drawback for some users.

The K300 is also more energy-efficient, which could be a consideration for environmentally conscious consumers.

On the other hand, the Toto C5 is a bit bulkier but comes with a built-in water heater, providing immediate warm water.

It also boasts a modern, sleek design and offers multiple cleaning modes, including rear, front, and feminine cleansing.

The C5 is equipped with a warm air dryer and a deodorizer, enhancing the user experience.

However, it is less energy-efficient compared to the K300.

In terms of pricing, the K300 is more expensive, costing about $1200 after tax, while the C5 is around $700.

This price difference might be a deciding factor for budget-conscious consumers.

In conclusion, if you value a slim design, endless warm water, and energy efficiency, the K300 might be the right choice for you.

However, if you prefer a bidet with a built-in water heater, multiple cleaning modes, and a lower price point, the C5 could be a better fit.

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