Toto S300e vs S500e: Unveiling the Best Bidet Seat Features

Choosing the right bidet seat often leads to a dilemma; you crave the luxury and hygiene of a high-tech bidet but can’t decide which model fits best.

It’s frustrating when the features start to blend, isn’t it?

We understand the urge for a tailored bathroom experience that doesn’t compromise on sophistication or functionality.

Discover the ultimate comfort with our comparison of the Toto S300e vs S500e, guiding you to the perfect blend of luxury and innovation for your daily sanctuary.

Toto S300E Vs Toto S500E Key Features Compared

High-tech electronic bidet seat

The Toto S300e and S500e both feature high-tech electronic bidet seats, providing a luxurious and comfortable experience for users.

The bidet seat is designed to be slim and compact, fitting seamlessly onto your existing toilet.

The S300e is one of the only two Toto bidet seats that comes in a round style, making it easier to install and match with more classic bathroom styles.

The S500e, on the other hand, is only available in an elongated style.

Both models offer adjustable water and seat temperatures, ensuring a personalized and comfortable experience.

Imagine a chilly winter morning, and you’re about to use the bathroom.

With these bidet seats, you won’t have to brace yourself for the cold.

Instead, you’ll be greeted with a warm seat, tailored to your preferred temperature.

EWATER+® system

The EWATER+® system is a standout feature in both the Toto S300e and S500e.

This technologically advanced process transforms water into a safe and powerful compound that keeps the toilet bowl clean after every flush.

The S300e uses EWATER+® to mist the toilet bowl, reducing the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.

The S500e takes it a step further by using EWATER+® on both the wand and the bowl.

Think of it as having a mini car wash inside your toilet.

After each use, the EWATER+® system springs into action, misting the bowl and wand with electrolyzed water.

This helps to keep your toilet clean and fresh, reducing the need for manual cleaning.

WASHLET cleansing with 5 spray settings

Both the Toto S300e and S500e offer WASHLET cleansing with 5 spray settings, providing a personalized and thorough cleaning experience.

The adjustable spray position and water pressure ensure that the cleansing process is comfortable and effective.

Imagine standing under a waterfall, with the water pressure just right, not too hard, not too soft.

That’s what the WASHLET cleansing experience feels like.

You can adjust the spray settings to suit your preference, ensuring a refreshing and comfortable cleanse every time.

In conclusion, both the Toto S300e and S500e offer a luxurious and personalized bathroom experience with their high-tech electronic bidet seats, EWATER+® system, and WASHLET cleansing with 5 spray settings.

The choice between the two would depend on your specific needs and preferences, such as the shape of your toilet and your desired level of bowl and wand cleaning.

Instantaneous Water Heating

The Toto S300e and S500e both feature instantaneous water heating systems.

This means that they provide a continuous supply of warm water for as long as you need it, without any waiting time for the water to heat up.

This feature is particularly beneficial during colder months, providing a comfortable experience every time you use the toilet.

Imagine stepping into a warm shower on a cold winter morning; that’s the kind of comfort these bidet seats offer.

Built-in Air Deodorizing System

Both the Toto S300e and S500e come equipped with a built-in air deodorizing system.

This feature works like a breath of fresh air in your bathroom, eliminating unpleasant odors and maintaining a fresh environment.

It’s like having a constant breeze that sweeps away any unwanted smells, keeping your bathroom as fresh as a daisy field.

Adjustable Water and Seat Temperatures

The Toto S300e and S500e also offer adjustable water and seat temperatures.

This means you can customize the warmth of the water and the seat to your personal preference.

It’s like having a personalized spa experience right in your bathroom.

Imagine adjusting the temperature of your hot tub or sauna to your liking; that’s the level of customization these bidet seats offer.

In conclusion, both the Toto S300e and S500e offer a luxurious and comfortable experience with their instantaneous water heating, built-in air deodorizing system, and adjustable water and seat temperatures.

These features ensure that every visit to the bathroom is as comfortable and refreshing as possible.

Warm-air Dryer

The Toto S300e and S500e both feature a warm-air dryer, which is a luxurious addition to the bidet experience.

This feature is designed to provide a gentle and efficient drying after the cleansing process, reducing the need for toilet paper and contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

The warm-air dryer in both models is adjustable, allowing users to customize the temperature to their personal comfort level.

This is particularly beneficial during colder months when a warm finish to the cleansing process can be especially comforting.

Imagine stepping out of a warm shower into a cold bathroom; the warm-air dryer provides a similar comfort to that of a heated towel, wrapping you in warmth and ensuring a pleasant end to your bathroom visit.

Easy-to-read Illuminated Remote Control

Both the Toto S300e and S500e come with an easy-to-read illuminated remote control, enhancing the user experience by providing easy access to the bidet’s features.

The remote control is designed to be user-friendly, with clear labels for each function.

The illumination feature is particularly useful in low-light conditions, such as during a late-night bathroom visit.

It’s like having a well-lit path in a dark forest, guiding you to use the bidet’s features effortlessly and accurately.

Moreover, the remote control for both models allows for two user memory settings.

This means that it can remember the preferred settings of two different users, making it a convenient feature for shared bathrooms.

It’s like having a personal butler who remembers exactly how you like your bath, providing a personalized experience every time.

Convenient Magnetic Wall Mounted Cradle

The Toto S300e and S500e both feature a convenient magnetic wall-mounted cradle for the remote control.

This thoughtful design element ensures that the remote is always within reach and prevents it from being misplaced.

It’s akin to having a dedicated parking spot for your car in a crowded city, ensuring you always know where to find it.

The magnetic feature of the cradle provides a secure hold for the remote, while also allowing for easy removal and replacement.

This is particularly useful when cleaning the bathroom, as the remote can be easily removed and replaced afterwards.

It’s like having a secure and easily accessible storage box for your most precious jewelry.

In conclusion, the warm-air dryer, easy-to-read illuminated remote control, and convenient magnetic wall-mounted cradle are features that significantly enhance the user experience of both the Toto S300e and S500e.

They provide comfort, convenience, and a touch of luxury, making every bathroom visit a pleasant and personalized experience.

Compact and Slim Design

The Toto S300e and S500e both boast a compact and slim design, which is a hallmark of Toto’s commitment to sleek, modern aesthetics.

This design feature allows these models to blend seamlessly into any bathroom decor, adding a touch of elegance without being obtrusive.

The slim profile of these models is particularly noteworthy, as they are among the lowest profile bidet seats available, measuring just 4 inches in height.

This compactness does not compromise the functionality or comfort of the seats, but rather enhances the overall user experience by providing a streamlined, unobtrusive addition to the bathroom.

2-User Personal Memory Settings

Both the Toto S300e and S500e come equipped with 2-user personal memory settings.

This feature allows two different users to save their preferred settings for a personalized experience.

Imagine a scenario where you and your partner have different preferences for seat temperature or water pressure.

With these models, you can each save your preferred settings and easily recall them at the touch of a button, eliminating the need to adjust the settings each time you use the toilet.

This feature is a testament to Toto’s commitment to user convenience and personalized comfort.

SoftClose Seat

The SoftClose seat is another feature common to both the Toto S300e and S500e.

This feature ensures that the toilet seat and lid close softly and silently, preventing the loud and jarring noise often associated with traditional toilet seats.

This is particularly beneficial in a household setting where a toilet seat slamming shut can be disruptive, especially during the night.

The SoftClose feature is more than just a convenience; it’s a thoughtful addition that contributes to the overall tranquility of your bathroom environment.

In conclusion, the Toto S300e and S500e both offer a compact and slim design, 2-user personal memory settings, and a SoftClose seat.

These features enhance the user experience by providing a sleek aesthetic, personalized comfort, and quiet operation.

Self-Cleaning Water Wand

The Toto S300e and S500e both feature a self-cleaning water wand, a feature that ensures the bidet wand is cleaned before and after each use, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.

This feature is like having a personal hygiene assistant that ensures the tool used for your intimate cleaning is always in pristine condition.

It’s akin to having a new toothbrush every time you brush your teeth.

PREMIST® of bowl before each use (S500e)

The Toto S500e comes with a unique PREMIST® feature that mists the bowl before each use.

This feature is like having a mini shower for your toilet bowl before you use it, ensuring that waste slides off more easily.

It’s like having a non-stick pan that ensures your cooking doesn’t stick to the bottom.

This feature is not available in the S300e model.

AutoFlush compatibility (S500e)

The AutoFlush compatibility is another feature exclusive to the Toto S500e.

This feature is like having an invisible hand that flushes the toilet for you after each use, ensuring a hands-free and hygienic experience.

It’s like having an automatic dishwasher that takes care of the cleaning once you’re done eating.

This feature is not available in the S300e model.

LED night light (S300e)

The Toto S300e comes with a built-in LED night light.

This feature is like having a gentle guide that softly illuminates your path during your late-night bathroom visits, ensuring you don’t stumble in the dark or get blinded by harsh lights.

It’s like having a soft moonlight guiding your path in the dark.

This feature is not available in the S500e model.

PROs & CONs of Toto S300E


1.High-quality product with great features
2.Offers multiple settings for optimal wash coverage
3.Provides instant, unlimited warm water
4.Memory settings for favorite washes
5.Superior wash features compared to lower models
6.Offers a pulsating wash for extra thorough cleaning
7.Warm air is adjustable and effective
8.Odor control works well
9.Built with the highest quality materials
10.Compact, slim design


1.Missing auto open and close feature
2.More expensive than most seats
3.Limited one-year warranty
4.Nozzle positioning may require adjustment
5.Lacks a sittable lid

PROs & CONs of Toto S500E


1.Advanced bidet seat features
2.Available in two lid styles
3.Elongated size only
4.Wireless remote control
5.Feminine and posterior wash functions
6.Warm air dry and heated seat
7.Built-in air deodorizer
8.Two separate user presets
9.Power saving mode
10.High customer satisfaction


1.No night light feature
2.No automatic open/close seat and lid
3.High-end price
4.Only available in elongated size
5.Mixed opinions about value

Key Specifications Comparison

Comparison ParameterTOTO S300eTOTO S500e
DesignClassicAvailable in both Classic and Contemporary
AutoFlush CompatibilityNoYes
Toilet CompatibilityOnly available for elongated toiletsOnly available for elongated toilets
Seat Material TypeNot specifiedPolypropylene
Installation TypeNot specifiedFloor Mounted
Item Weight13.5 Pounds1 Pound
Product Dimensions18.88″”L x 15.06″”W20.94 x 15.06 x 4.81 inches
Batteries2 AA batteries required (included)2 AA batteries required (included)
Voltage120 Volts120 Volts
WattageNot specified1288.00
Temperature Range86 – 104 Degrees Fahrenheit86 – 104 Degrees Fahrenheit
Coverage15 Amperage15 Amperage
Included ComponentsElectronic bidet seat, Tee-connector, Remote control with batteries, Mounting bracketElectronic bidet seat, Tee-connector, Remote control with batteries, Mounting bracket
Warranty DescriptionManufacturer One Year LimitedManufacturer One Year Limited

Please note that prices may vary based on the retailer and any ongoing promotions or discounts.

Final Say So!

The Toto S300e and S500e are both high-end bidet seats, offering a luxurious bathroom experience.

However, they cater to different user needs and preferences.

The S300e is a solid choice for those who value essential features of luxury bidets.

It’s one of the few Toto bidets available for both round and elongated toilets.

However, it’s only available in a Classic design and may be harder to find, potentially making it more expensive.

If you’re someone who prefers a more traditional look and doesn’t mind a potentially higher price for a less common model, the S300e could be a good fit.

On the other hand, the S500e is a more modern option, available in both Contemporary and Classic designs.

It also offers AutoFlush compatibility, which could be a deciding factor for those seeking convenience.

However, it’s only available for elongated toilets.

If you’re someone who appreciates a sleek, modern design and values additional features like AutoFlush, the S500e could be the better choice.

Both models are similar in price, so your decision will likely hinge on your specific needs and aesthetic preferences.

If you’re looking for a round toilet bidet, the S300e is your only option between the two.

If you have an elongated toilet and prefer a modern look, the S500e would be more suitable.

Remember, both models are top-tier Toto bidets, so you’re getting a high-quality product regardless of your choice.

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