Bio Bidet A8 vs 770: Luxury Meets Affordability

Choosing the perfect bidet can be daunting, especially when luxury and budget vie for attention.

The dilemma of the Bio Bidet A8 Serenity versus Ultimate 770 is common, pitting high-end features against value.

Understandably, you crave indulgence without compromising on cost.

Discover how these two bidets compare, addressing your desire for an upscale bathroom experience with practical affordability.

Explore the [Bio Bidet A8 vs 770]: Luxury Meets Affordability.

Bio Bidet A8 Vs Bio Bidet 770 Key Features Compared

Water Heater Type

The Bio Bidet A8 Serenity features a hybrid water heating system that provides instant and limitless warm water.

This system combines the benefits of both tank and tankless heaters, ensuring a consistent temperature throughout the wash.

On the other hand, the Bio Bidet Ultimate 770 uses a fusion water heating system.

This advanced reservoir heating system keeps the water warm and maintains a consistent temperature during use.

While both systems provide warm water, the A8 Serenity’s hybrid system offers a more consistent temperature and instant availability.

Nozzle Type

Both the Bio Bidet A8 Serenity and the Ultimate 770 feature a stainless steel nozzle.

The A8 Serenity has a single stainless steel nozzle with different sections for various cleansing functions.

The Ultimate 770, on the other hand, uses a stainless steel 3-in-1 nozzle.

Both nozzles are designed to provide a satisfying posterior wash, comfortable feminine wash, and effective turbo wash.

The adjustable water pressure allows users to change from a soft sitz bath to a more focused turbo wash.

Turbo Mode

The Bio Bidet A8 Serenity does not have a specific turbo mode mentioned in the search results.

However, it does offer adjustable water pressure, allowing users to change from a soft sitz bath to a more focused wash.

The Bio Bidet Ultimate 770 does have a turbo mode, which sets the water to the highest pressure for a more thorough cleansing experience.

This mode can be particularly useful for users who prefer a stronger water pressure during their wash.

In conclusion, both the Bio Bidet A8 Serenity and the Ultimate 770 offer advanced water heating systems and stainless steel nozzles for a comfortable and effective wash.

The A8 Serenity’s hybrid water heating system provides a more consistent temperature and instant availability, while the Ultimate 770’s turbo mode offers a stronger water pressure option for users who prefer it.

Auto Air Deodorizer

The Bio Bidet A8 Serenity and the Bio Bidet 770 both come equipped with an auto air deodorizer feature.

This feature is designed to help maintain a fresh and clean-smelling bathroom environment after each use.

The A8 Serenity has a replaceable deodorizer, which means you can easily change it when necessary, ensuring a consistently fresh-smelling bathroom.

The Bio Bidet 770, on the other hand, does not explicitly mention a replaceable deodorizer in the provided sources.

Imagine coming home after a long day, and instead of being greeted by unpleasant odors in your bathroom, you’re welcomed by a fresh, clean scent.

That’s the power of an auto air deodorizer.

It’s like having a personal bathroom attendant, working quietly in the background, ensuring your bathroom always smells fresh and clean.

Aerated Stream

The aerated stream feature is a key component of both the Bio Bidet A8 Serenity and the Bio Bidet 770.

This feature infuses the water stream with air, creating a gentler, more comfortable cleansing experience.

The A8 Serenity takes this feature a step further by allowing users to choose between an aerated or non-aerated spray, depending on their preference.

This level of customization is akin to having a personal spa treatment right in your own bathroom.

Imagine a gentle, soothing stream of water, infused with tiny air bubbles, providing a thorough yet comfortable cleanse.

It’s like a gentle waterfall, providing a spa-like experience every time you use the bathroom.

Warranty Length

When it comes to warranty length, both the Bio Bidet A8 Serenity and the Bio Bidet 770 offer a 3-year full warranty.

This warranty covers 100% of all parts and labor for the entire product for the three years from the original date of purchase.

This means that if anything goes wrong with your bidet seat within this period, you can have it repaired or replaced at no additional cost.

Think of this warranty as a safety net, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

It’s like having a personal guardian for your bidet seat, ready to step in and take care of any issues that may arise.

In conclusion, both the Bio Bidet A8 Serenity and the Bio Bidet 770 offer impressive features that enhance the user’s comfort and convenience.

The auto air deodorizer keeps your bathroom smelling fresh, the aerated stream provides a gentle and comfortable cleanse, and the 3-year full warranty offers peace of mind.

These features, combined with their high-quality construction and design, make both the Bio Bidet A8 Serenity and the Bio Bidet 770 excellent choices for anyone looking to upgrade their bathroom experience.

Wireless Remote

The Bio Bidet A8 and Bio Bidet 770 both come equipped with wireless remotes, providing a convenient way to control all functions and settings.

The A8’s remote is dual-sided, with one side featuring basic functions and the other side allowing for deeper customization.

The 770’s remote also includes a wall mount for easy access.

Both remotes are designed to be user-friendly, but they do offer a multitude of functions, which some users might find overwhelming initially.

Auto Clean Function

Both the Bio Bidet A8 and 770 have auto clean functions.

The A8 has a self-cleaning, full stainless-steel nozzle that integrates three functions in one unified nozzle.

The 770 also has a nozzle cleaning feature, which can be activated by pressing and holding the Stop button on the auxiliary panel for 5 seconds.

Both bidets’ nozzles can be manually cleaned as well, by pressing specific buttons for a few seconds to extend the nozzle, then using a toothbrush or soft cloth to clean it.


The Bio Bidet A8 stands out with its two user presets, allowing for a high level of customization.

Users can adjust features such as water and fan temperature, water pressure, and nozzle position.

Additionally, the A8 allows users to turn on or off the aerated water flow, adjust the dual-speed fan power control, and even dim the LED night light.

The Bio Bidet 770, on the other hand, does not explicitly mention user presets in the provided sources.

Seat Heating

Both the Bio Bidet A8 and 770 offer adjustable heated seats, providing a comfortable experience, especially in colder climates.

The A8 uses a hybrid heating system to provide instant and limitless warm water.

The 770 also provides a heated seat, with users praising its comfort and warmth.

Both bidets’ heated seats can be adjusted to the user’s preference, ensuring a comfortable experience every time.

Night Light

The Bio Bidet A8 and Bio Bidet 770 both come equipped with a night light feature.

This feature is designed to provide a soothing glow, making it easier for users to find their way in the dark.

The night light on the Bio Bidet 770 is particularly appreciated by users for its comforting illumination.

Similarly, the Bio Bidet A8 also offers a night-friendly light on the seat control panel, adding a touch of sophistication to your bathroom experience.

Child Friendly Wash

Both the Bio Bidet A8 and Bio Bidet 770 are designed with a child-friendly wash feature.

This feature activates a wash with low water pressure, making it safe and comfortable for children to use.

The Bio Bidet 770 has been praised by users for its child-friendly wash feature, which is easy to activate and adjust.

The Bio Bidet A8, while not explicitly mentioned in the search results, is likely to offer a similar child-friendly wash feature given its focus on customization and control.

Fusion Water Heating

Fusion water heating is a feature that ensures the bidet provides warm water for a comfortable wash.

The Bio Bidet 770 uses fusion warm water technology to improve water tank heating.

The Bio Bidet A8, on the other hand, uses an eco-friendly hybrid on-demand heating system for unlimited warm water.

This means that with the A8, you won’t have to worry about running out of warm water, no matter how long you use it.

Stainless Steel 3 in 1 Nozzle

The stainless steel 3 in 1 nozzle is a key feature in both the Bio Bidet A8 and Bio Bidet 770.

This durable and resilient nozzle offers posterior, feminine, and vortex washes, improving hygiene.

The Bio Bidet A8’s stainless steel nozzle includes rear and front wash options, and it also boasts an exclusive hydro-flush self-cleaning technology.

The Bio Bidet 770’s stainless steel nozzle is also self-cleaning, ensuring it is hygienic and ready for use each time.

Warm Air Dryer

The Bio Bidet A8 and Bio Bidet 770 both come equipped with a warm air dryer feature.

This feature reduces the need for toilet paper, providing a more eco-friendly and potentially more hygienic experience.

The warm air dryer in both models is adjustable, allowing users to find the perfect balance of temperature and air flow for their personal comfort.

Imagine stepping out of a shower and being greeted by a warm towel; that’s the kind of luxury these bidets offer after each use.

Toilet Size Compatibility

Both the Bio Bidet A8 and Bio Bidet 770 are designed to fit most one and two-piece toilets.

However, it’s important to measure your toilet before purchasing to ensure compatibility.

The measurement should be taken from the center of the bolt holes to the edge of the bowl.

Bio Bidet products are generally compatible with both elongated and round toilet bowls, which are the two main types of toilet bowls.

However, they may not fit well on deep French curve toilets due to limited space near the mounting bolts.

Power Cord Length

The power cords for both the Bio Bidet A8 and Bio Bidet 770 are 4 feet long.

This is a standard length for bidet toilet seats as per UL requirements.

The power cord extends from the center or right side of the seat if you are facing the toilet.

This means you’ll need a nearby GFCI outlet to power these bidet seats.

It’s like having a small appliance right in your bathroom, providing the convenience and comfort of modern technology at your fingertips.


Customer reviews for both products suggest that they offer good value for the price, with features that meet or exceed expectations.

It’s like investing in a high-end car; you’re not just paying for the basic functionality, but also for the added comfort, convenience, and luxury features that enhance your overall experience.

Bio Bidet A8


  1. High-end features and great design
  2. Offers endless warm water
  3. Includes an LED nightlight
  4. Stainless steel nozzle
  5. Dual sided remote with user presets
  6. Adjustable heated seat
  7. Built-in adjustable warm air dryer
  8. Powerful deodorizer
  9. Easy to install
  10. Comes with a 3-year full warranty


  1. Lacks a dedicated enema function
  2. Water pressure may be weak for some users
  3. Some users find the quality to feel cheap
  4. Lid doesn’t stay up well on its own
  5. Not designed to handle a lot of weight

Bio Bidet 770


  1. Easy to install
  2. Comfortable heated seat
  3. Effective sprayer
  4. Soft closing lid and seat
  5. Useful night light feature
  6. Adjustable temperature control
  7. Convenient remote control
  8. Warm air dryer
  9. Good value for the price
  10. Stainless steel nozzle


  1. Requires nearby GFCI outlet
  2. Some find features useless
  3. Quality concerns with plastic seat
  4. Potential bracket issues
  5. Better options for the price

Comparison Table

Key SpecificationsBio Bidet A8 SerenityBio Bidet Ultimate 770
DimensionsW 15.9in x L 20.8in x H 6.8inW 15.9in x L 20.8in x H 7in
Shipping Weight17 lbs17 lbs
Water Heater TypeAdvanced Hybrid-Type HeaterAdvanced Reservoir-Type Heater
Warm Air DryerYesYes
Heated SeatYesYes
Remote ControlDouble-Sided Wireless Remote with LCD ScreenSleek Wireless Remote
Air DeodorizerYesNo
Nozzle DesignSingle 2-in-1 NozzleSingle 3-in-1 Nozzle
Adjustable Nozzle Position5 Positions5 Positions
Wand Self-Clean FunctionOn-Demand Self-CleaningOn-Demand Self-Cleaning
Child Wash ModeYesYes
User Presets2 Users; Front and Rear; Save Nozzle Position and Water Pressure2 Users; Front and Rear; Save Nozzle Position, Water Pressure, Water Temp, Seat Temp, and Dry Temp
Easy Auto Function (One-Push Operation)YesNo
Bowl-Illuminating Night LightYesYes
Adjustable Water Temperature and PressureYesYes
Warranty3 years1 year

Final Say So!

The Bio Bidet A8 Serenity and the Bio Bidet Ultimate 770 are both high-quality bidet seats, each with their unique features and benefits.

The A8 Serenity is a luxury class bidet seat that offers a sleek, uni-body design, an LED nightlight, a stainless steel nozzle, and a dual-sided remote.

It also provides endless warm water, a powerful deodorizer, and a strong air dryer.

The A8’s hybrid heating system ensures instant and limitless warm water, enhancing the user’s comfort.

It also has a double-sided LCD remote and an auto function, which adds to its convenience.

However, some users have noted that the water pressure on maximum is not as strong as they would like.

On the other hand, the Ultimate 770 is marketed as an advanced bidet seat that offers a night-light, an adjustable heated seat, and a child-friendly wash with low water pressure.

It also has a turbo mode that sets the water to the highest pressure.

The 770’s remote control allows users to save their preferred temperature settings for water, heated seat, and warm air dryer.

However, some users have noted that while the 770 is loaded with seemingly luxury features, some of them are not as useful as they would like.

In terms of pricing, the Ultimate 770 is generally more affordable than the A8 Serenity, making it a good choice for those on a budget.

However, the A8 Serenity comes with a longer warranty (3 years) compared to the Ultimate 770 (1 year), which might be a deciding factor for some users.

In conclusion, the A8 Serenity is suitable for those who value luxury features, design aesthetics, and a longer warranty.

The Ultimate 770, on the other hand, is a good choice for those who are budget-conscious but still want a bidet seat with advanced features.

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