Top Bidets Under 100: Affordable Options for Your Bathroom

Got a bathroom dilemma?

Bidets are bae but your wallet’s wailing, right? 💸 We feel ya! 😔 But guess what?

You don’t have to break the bank to solve the problem.

Drum roll 🥁 Here’s presenting ‘Top Bidets Under $100: Affordable Options for Your Bathroom.’ Now, you can get hygienic, feel fresh, and keep your bathroom chic without emptying your pockets. 🚽💵👌 Bidets under 100, that’s the magic number!

So, let’s go on this quest together and find that perfect bidet just for you.

Ready, set, bidet! 💦🚀🎯

Top 7 Bidets Under 100

Here is the list of Bidets Under 100

  • Brondell SWASH S101 – Best Overall
  • American Standard AquaWash – Best Non-Electric
  • Tushy Classic 3.0 – Editor’s Choice
  • LUXE Neo 320 – Best Dual-Temperature
  • Bio Bidet BB-70 Simplet – Best Budget Option
  • Luxe Bidet Neo 185 – Best for Feminine Wash
  • Brondell FreshSpa Easy – Best Ease of Use

Brondell SWASH S101

The Brondell SWASH S101 is an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable, high-quality bidet seat.

As the ‘Best Overall’ pick in our roundup of top bidets under $100, this non-electric bidet seat offers a range of features that make it stand out from the competition.

One of the key selling points of the SWASH S101 is its dual, self-cleaning nozzles that deliver a fresh, ambient temperature wash.

This bidet seat is powered by water pressure, eliminating the need for electricity or batteries.

The elegant chrome dial allows users to easily switch between front and rear wash modes, providing a customizable and comfortable experience.

Another advantage of the SWASH S101 is its sturdy, ergonomic gentle-close seat and lid.

This feature ensures a soft and quiet close, preventing damage to the toilet and reducing noise in the bathroom.

The high-quality components used in the construction of this bidet seat ensure long-lasting performance, making it a reliable and cost-effective choice for any bathroom.

Installation is simple and can be done by anyone, with no need for a plumber or specialized knowledge.

This DIY-friendly design makes it an accessible option for those looking to upgrade their bathroom experience without breaking the bank.

Key Specifications

  • Power Source: Water pressure (no electricity or batteries required)
  • Nozzles: Dual, self-cleaning
  • Wash Modes: Front and rear
  • Seat and Lid: Gentle-close
  • Dimensions: 20.03”(L) x 14.39”(W) x 2.55”(H) for elongated model; 18.47”(L) x 14.34”(W) x 2.55”(H) for round model
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs for elongated model; 4.5 lbs for round model
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty


  • Dual, self-cleaning nozzles for a fresh, ambient temperature wash
  • Easy-to-use chrome dial for switching between wash modes
  • Sturdy, ergonomic gentle-close seat and lid
  • Simple, DIY installation


  • Some users may find the plastic construction to be lightweight

American Standard AquaWash

The American Standard AquaWash is an excellent non-electric bidet seat that offers a pleasant and gentle washing experience.

Its slim 2-3/8″” (60mm) telescoping seat design complements any bathroom décor, and it fits most conventional toilets.

The AquaWash features dual, self-cleaning nozzles for independent front and back cleansing, ensuring a thorough and hygienic clean without the need for electricity.

The bidet seat is easy to install and maintain, with a one-button push lift-off feature for easier cleaning of the seat and bowl.

Additionally, the slow-close seat and lid prevent slamming, providing user convenience and reducing noise.

The adjustable spray volume allows users to customize the water pressure according to their preferences.

Key Specifications

  • Type: Non-Electric Bidet Seat
  • Nozzles: Self-cleaning dual nozzles for front and back cleansing
  • Spray Volume: Adjustable
  • Seat Design: Slim 2-3/8″” (60mm) telescoping seat
  • Slow-Close: Seat and lid
  • Installation: Top mount, fits most conventional toilets


  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Self-cleaning dual nozzles for effective cleansing
  • Adjustable spray volume for user comfort
  • Slow-close seat and lid for convenience


  • Cold water spray in winter months

Tushy Classic 3.0

The Tushy Classic 3.0 is a stylish and functional bidet attachment that offers an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional toilet paper use.

With its sleek design and customizable color options, it not only enhances your bathroom’s aesthetics but also promotes better hygiene and rectal health.

One of the standout features of the Tushy Classic 3.0 is its easy installation process, which requires no special tools and can be completed in about 10 minutes.

The bidet attachment is also equipped with an adjustable spray angle and pressure control, allowing users to customize their cleaning experience for optimal comfort.

Additionally, the self-cleaning spray nozzle retracts when not in use, ensuring better hygiene and cleanliness.

Key Specifications

  • Spray Angle Control: Adjustable with a wide range of angle control
  • Pressure Control: Customizable for user comfort
  • Self-Cleaning Spray Nozzle: Retracts when not in use for better hygiene
  • Installation: Quick and easy, requiring no special tools
  • Eco-friendly: Reduces toilet paper usage


  • Stylish and customizable design
  • Easy installation process
  • Adjustable spray angle and pressure control
  • Self-cleaning and retractable nozzle
  • Eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper


  • No temperature control on the Classic model
  • May not be compatible with some one-piece toilets

LUXE Neo 320

The LUXE Neo 320 is an affordable bidet attachment that offers excellent dual-temperature functionality, making it a perfect choice for those seeking comfort and convenience in their bathroom.

This bidet attachment is designed with high-quality materials and provides a reliable, efficient, and hygienic cleaning experience.

One of the standout features of the LUXE Neo 320 is its dual-nozzle system, which offers both rear and feminine wash options.

The self-cleaning nozzles ensure a sanitary experience every time.

Additionally, the bidet attachment is equipped with a convenient control panel, allowing users to easily adjust water temperature and pressure according to their preferences.

The LUXE Neo 320 is also praised for its easy installation process, making it a suitable choice for those who are new to bidet attachments.

Its compatibility with most standard toilets ensures a seamless fit in your bathroom.

Key Specifications

  • Dual-Temperature Control: Cold and warm water options
  • Dual-Nozzle System: Rear and feminine wash
  • Self-Cleaning Nozzles: Ensures a sanitary experience
  • Control Panel: Easy adjustment of water temperature and pressure
  • Easy Installation: Straightforward setup process
  • Compatibility: Fits most standard toilets


  • Excellent dual-temperature functionality
  • Efficient and hygienic cleaning experience
  • Easy installation and compatibility with most toilets
  • Convenient control panel for adjusting settings


  • Controls can be hard to see
  • Not as feature-filled as a bidet seat

Bio Bidet BB-70 Simplet

The Bio Bidet BB-70 Simplet is an excellent budget-friendly bidet attachment that provides a refreshing and clean experience without the need for electricity or batteries.

This non-electric bidet attachment is easy to install and compatible with both elongated and round size toilets, making it a versatile option for various bathroom setups.

Its simple design and cold water only functionality make it an ideal choice for those looking for an affordable yet effective bidet solution.

One of the key features of the Bio Bidet BB-70 Simplet is its adjustable water pressure control, which allows users to customize their cleaning experience according to their preferences.

The single wash nozzle comes with a splash guard, ensuring a hygienic experience.

The BB-70 Simplet also boasts upgraded components, such as a brass inlet, silver brass ball valve and stem, and a braided metal water supply hose, which provide increased durability and peace of mind against leaks.

Key Specifications

  • Water Supply: Cold water only
  • Electricity/Batteries: Not required
  • Installation: Easy do-it-yourself installation
  • Nozzle: Single wash nozzle with splash guard
  • Water Pressure Control: Adjustable with PSPC (Positive Stepping Pressure Control)
  • Toilet Compatibility: Fits round or elongated toilets


  • Budget-friendly option
  • Easy installation and compatibility
  • Adjustable water pressure control
  • Durable components for increased reliability


  • Cold water only
  • Limited features compared to electric bidet seats

Luxe Bidet Neo 185 -Best for Feminine Wash

The Luxe Bidet Neo 185 is an affordable bidet attachment that offers an excellent feminine wash, making it an ideal choice for your article on ‘Top Bidets Under $100.’ This cold-water mechanical bidet attachment is equipped with dual nozzles for rear and frontal wash, providing a gentle and effective cleansing experience.

The frontal or feminine wash is specifically designed to be gentler than the rear spray, making it suitable for monthly cycles and highly recommended for new or expecting mothers.

The Neo 185 is designed for easy installation, with adjustment plate inserts that rotate to fit most standard toilet setups.

It is also compatible with Luxe Toilet Seats, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing bathroom setup.

The bidet attachment is constructed with high-quality, durable parts, including metal-ceramic core valves and braided stainless-steel hoses, ensuring longevity and resistance to water pressure.

Key Specifications

  • Dual Nozzles: Rear and feminine wash
  • Water Pressure Control: Adjustable water pressure
  • Self-Cleaning: Nozzle guard gate and self-clean mode
  • Installation: Easy 3-step installation process
  • Compatibility: Fits most standard toilet setups and Luxe Toilet Seats


  • Effective and gentle feminine wash
  • Easy installation and compatibility with most toilets
  • High-quality, durable construction
  • Adjustable water pressure for user comfort


  • Cold water only, no warm water option
  • Some users report limited pressure adjustment range

Brondell FreshSpa Easy

The Brondell FreshSpa Easy is an affordable and easy-to-install bidet attachment that offers a hygienic and comfortable bathroom experience.

Its unique selling points include its compatibility with most standard 2-piece toilets and many contoured 1-piece toilets, making it a versatile option for various bathroom setups.

The bidet attachment is made of high-quality ABS plastic with a full body panel, ensuring durability and easy maintenance.

One of the standout features of the Brondell FreshSpa Easy is its adjustable nozzle with three different positions, providing a customizable clean.

The retractable, self-cleaning nozzle ensures advanced hygiene and convenience.

The bidet attachment operates without electricity or batteries, relying solely on water pressure for functionality.

This makes it an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for those looking to upgrade their bathroom experience without breaking the bank.

Key Specifications

  • Material: Anti-bacterial ABS plastic with full body panel
  • Nozzle: Retractable, adjustable (three positions), self-cleaning
  • Water Pressure: Adjustable
  • Valve and Supply Connections: Solid brass internal valve and supply connections
  • Dimensions: 17.3″” (W) x 8.5″” (D)
  • Warranty: One (1) year


  • Easy installation and compatibility with most toilets
  • Adjustable and self-cleaning nozzle for customized cleaning
  • No electricity or batteries required, making it eco-friendly
  • Durable ABS plastic material with full body panel


  • Cold water only, no option for warm water wash

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Budget Bidet

Material and Build Quality

When selecting a budget bidet, consider the material and build quality.

A well-constructed bidet will be more durable and provide a better experience in the long run.

Look for bidets made from high-quality materials that can withstand regular use.

Installation Process

Consider the installation process when choosing a budget bidet.

Some bidets are easy to install and can be attached to your existing toilet seat, while others may require professional installation.

Non-electric bidets are generally easier to install and do not require an electrical outlet.

Water Pressure Control

Water pressure control is an essential feature to consider when selecting a budget bidet.

Different users may have different preferences for water pressure, so it’s crucial to choose a bidet that allows you to adjust the pressure according to your comfort level.

Nozzle Types and Adjustability

Nozzle types and adjustability are other factors to consider when choosing a budget bidet.

Some bidets come with multiple nozzle options for various cleaning purposes, while others may have a single nozzle.

Ensure that the bidet you choose has adjustable nozzles to cater to your specific needs and preferences.

In conclusion, when selecting a budget bidet, consider factors such as material and build quality, installation process, water pressure control, and nozzle types and adjustability.

By taking these factors into account, you can find a budget-friendly bidet that meets your needs and provides a comfortable and hygienic experience.

Final Say So!

So there you have it, folks!

Our roundup of the ‘Top Bidets Under $100: Affordable Options for Your Bathroom’ has come to an end.

But don’t worry, your journey to a cleaner, fresher, and more budget-friendly bathroom experience has just begun.

With options like the Brondell SWASH S101, American Standard AquaWash, and Tushy Classic 3.0, you can now enjoy the luxury of a bidet without burning a hole in your wallet.

So go ahead, take the plunge, and transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis with these affordable bidet options.

Remember, cleanliness is next to godliness, and with these bidets, you’re just a spray away from divine freshness! 💦🚽🌟

Our #1 Recommendation: Tushy Classic 3.0
  • Stylish and customizable design
  • Easy installation process
  • Adjustable spray angle and pressure control
  • Self-cleaning and retractable nozzle
  • Eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper


How much does a cheap bidet cost?

A cheap bidet can cost as low as $30 for a stand-alone fixture or $40 for a non-electric bidet attachment .

Are bidets cheap?

Bidets can be cheap or expensive, depending on the type and features. Prices can range from $30 for basic models to over $2,500 for high-end models .

How much does a bidet cost?

Bidet costs vary widely, from $30 for basic models to $6,900 for high-end models by Kohler or Toto. The average total cost of a bidet, including fixture price and installation, is about $1,100 .

Why are bidets so expensive?

Bidets can be expensive due to their design, materials, brand, and additional features such as heated seats, warm water, and spray controls. Luxury bidets offer high-quality craftsmanship, durability, and advanced features .

Do bidets really save money?

Yes, bidets can save money by reducing toilet paper consumption. Bidet users can save up to $50 per year per person on toilet paper. Additionally, bidets are more environmentally friendly, as they use less water compared to toilet paper production .

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